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Bamboo Socks

Have you worn Bamboo Socks?

Breathable, silky soft smooth socks that feel great you can wear all day long. Our Fabric blend maintains its shape and is great for sensitive skin.

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Bamboo Sock Collection - CaroQuilla

CaroQuilla Reusable Leakproof Pads

Menstruation is natural. 🌿 Bladder leaks are natural. 🌲

What isn't natural is polluting our planet's 🌎 landfills with plastic waste! 🤮

Available in 3 levels of protection:
LINER absorbency is equivalent to 2-3 tampons or 20ml of fluid
DAYTIME absorbency equivalent to 7-8 tampons or 80+ml of fluid
OVERNIGHT absorbency is equivalent to 10+ tampons or over 140ml of fluid. 

CaroQuilla reusable pads have a unique layer design.

Layer 1 (closest to your skin) - Organic cotton with a quick dry weave.

Layer 2 - Bamboo charcoal for extra freshness.  Bamboo charcoal has antimicrobial properties to reduce odor and bacteria.

Layer 3 - Bamboo terry.  Bamboo is one of the most absorbent natural fibers around, and as a terry weave, it is perfect for locking in all kinds of leaks.

Layer 4 (the outside of the pad) - Organic cotton with a protective waterproof coating.  Feel confident that what leaks out stays away from your clothing.

Measurements of Pads

Pantyliners 17cm/ 6cm

Day Time Pad 24 cm/ 8cm 

Overnight 30cm/8.89cm



Snap the wings around your underwear.(Wicking Organic Cotton closest to your skin)

When done using, fold the pad up and secure using those same snaps.

To clean, just rinse, machine wash, without fabric softener, and lay flat to dry.

When you are done, just rinse, wash and repeat.

Machine wash and lay flat to dry. 

Our Fabric 

Top layer 

 Wicking organic cotton

Middle Layers: Absorbent layers

Bamboo Charcoal & Bamboo Terry

Bottom layer

Organic Cotton/WaterProof Layer


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CaroQuilla Reusable Leakproof Pads

Gift boxes

3 packs of undies

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Gift Cards

Want to give the gift of Comfort, but not sure of their size or favorite style?

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Leakproof Underwear

Leakproof Underwear

Leakproof panties guard against leaks by directly absorbing your flow. The difference between these and other undergarment protection is that you can use leakproof underwear over and over again, which will significantly decrease how many products you send to landfills each month. 
"Giggle Leaks", spotting, or monthly mensuration.  Stop worrying and start living comfortably. 

Our Leakproof undies can absorb the same as two to three tampons, but they look and feel like regular underwear. You can wear them every single day if you want, especially since they also protect against bladder leaks and sweat during hot days or your workouts. 

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Period leakproof underwear

Seamless Everyday Underwear

Comfort, seamless regular underwear you can wear every day.

Our seamless women's undies feature streamlined shapes, ultra-soft fabrics and flattering fits for your everyday wear. They’re made from bamboo, which is four times softer than cotton. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.


Made from earth-friendly bamboo.  You will feel good about feeling good in these simply perfect pieces.


The softness of Bamboo is uniquely luxurious.  And our seamless designs means they fit PERFECT!


Designed in Canada, by women, for women. We use only certified sustainable materials and ensure each piece is checked for quality and size accuracy.

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Bamboo seamless everyday underwear

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