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Free Shipping to USA & Canada on orders over $80

Free Shipping to USA & Canada on orders over $80

Our Story

I hated the way I looked in the changing room mirror.

Read Maria's story below about the backstory of CaroQuilla.

Before I started CaroQuilla, two problems struck me every time I looked at my underwear drawer:

These old synthetic undies will stay in a landfill forever if I throw them out, and
Like so many women, I hated the way I looked in the changing room mirror.
CaroQuilla was founded to tackle these two issues head-on.

In the lingerie department fitting rooms, it seems every woman experiences the same thing: a dislike for some aspect of themselves. No one is immune.

Before founding CaroQuilla, I was a professional bra fitter for one of North America’s most respected lingerie retailers, Nordstrom. Day after day, I stood beside women at their most vulnerable moments in changing rooms. Almost without exception, women were ashamed to show their bodies and reluctant to see themselves in the mirror. Again and again, they would point out their flaws, their least favorite things about themselves. I would tell them how beautiful they were and highlight their natural beauty—a gift all bodies possess. Witnessing these women recognize and embrace their beauty was the most rewarding part of my job, especially when I saw smiles on their faces and when they allowed themselves to see the beauty I saw.

This experience opened my eyes and helped me realize how a piece of clothing, mostly unseen by others, can significantly impact a woman’s self-perception. Everyone aspires to look and feel beautiful and comfortable. With the right garment and perspective, every woman can recognize her true beauty.

It is a universal experience. We all tend to find something we don’t like about ourselves and think others judge us for it. Often, we let this perceived flaw define us.

With everything I learned in those lingerie changing rooms, I decided to start my own line of bamboo underwear. We designed undies that could be worn every day without sacrificing comfort. They’re made to complement a woman’s natural shape. Committed to protecting the environment, we also knew we had to use sustainable materials and contribute to the greater good in the process.

Above all, I strive to build a community that empowers women to recognize their own natural beauty and to LOVE themselves just as they are.

Thank you for your support.

Love, Maria