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Free Shipping to USA & Canada on orders over $80

Why Is It So Hard To Create Good (Sustainable) Period Underwear? | CaroQuilla

Why Is It So Hard To Create Good (Sustainable) Period Underwear?

Producing panties that are better for the planet is one of our missions here at CaroQuilla. That’s why we are creating regular bamboo panties and developing the period underwear that can be reusable. That’s better for you and Mother Nature! 

CaroQuilla wants to empower people who menstruate and give them more hygiene options to manage their flow. It is not a simple mission to produce high-quality period panties. It takes time to select the right materials so they’re comfortable to wear and convenient to care for. 

We believe in this dream though. It’s a small thing, but it’s an important thing. Your tremendous support inspires us to create underwear that will make millions of women happier. 

High Quality Is Our Priority

Delivering high quality, stylish and comfortable underwear is very important for us. But we also are committed to ensuring our underwear is environmentally friendly by using sustainable fabrics. 

Our founder, Maria Valencia, spent years developing high-quality underwear that could be worn every day without sacrificing comfort. She and the rest of our design team are working hard with our manufacturers to perfect the design of our period underwear to provide you with the most innovative feminine hygiene product you’ve ever experienced in your life. 

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More Layers, Please

Most of the period underwear available today is made of three layers that keep moisture from leaking. CaroQuilla decided to go beyond that. We’re designing period undies that are made of four layer combinations. We’re introducing innovative technology that brings better absorbency of your flow and reduces the risks of leaking. 

The first inner layer is super soft made of bamboo fabric, which has odour fighting and antibacterial functions. The second is an absorbent layer that is equivalent to 2-3 tampons. The third one is the waterproof layer that prevents leaks. Finally, the fourth outer layer is made of bamboo fabric that is ultra, comfortable and soft. Yes, CaroQuilla’s period underwear has four layers, but they are ultra-thin and will keep you covered without feeling like you are wearing a diaper.

The challenge of producing a fourth layer in our period underwear is that few manufacturers have done it before. Fewer still have made it with bamboo fabric. We’ve been looking for a long time for a manufacturer who will be able to meet all our needs and requirements. We’ve tried many underwear samples from various manufactures, but nothing has measured up to Maria’s high standards yet. 

Our hard work is not over yet, but we are happy to announce that we are seeing some very optimistic results. CaroQuilla made tremendous progress in developing and designing perfect period underwear, and our manufacturer search is completed!

We Are Excited About 2021

The upcoming new year makes us feel so excited. CaroQuilla has very many amazing projects to come and inspiring plans. And of course, one of the most important events of next year is launching the sales of our period underwear. Stay tuned for more news about our super new period underwear in 2021!

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Tom Morris

Great underwear, soft material feels good against the skin, great fit. Love them.

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